I’m currently pursuing a B.S. in Computer Science (‘22) and an M.S. in Statistics (‘23) at Stanford. This is in large part due to incredible teachers who sold me on the joy of learning – thank you!

Selected Coursework

Below are some courses I’ve particularly enjoyed and recommend.

Computer Science

  Course Name Score Quarter
CS330 Metalearning and Multi-Task Learning A Fall 2021
CS329D Machine Learning Under Distribution Shifts A+ Spr 2021
CS234 Reinforcement Learning A Win 2021
CS224N Natural Language Processing A Win 2021
CS221 Artificial Intelligence A+ Fall 2020
CS229 Machine Learning S* Spr 2020
CS231N Deep Learning for Computer Vision S* Spr 2020

* During Spring 2020, letter grades were not offered due to the COVID-19 pandemic.


  Course Name Score Quarter
STATS214 Machine Learning Theory A Fall 2021
STATS217 Stochastic Processes A- Win 2021
STATS200 Statistical Inference A Win 2021
STATS116 Theory of Probability A+ Fall 2020